Thank you so much for making our daughter’s birthday so special with all your love and attention to detail. You have a gift. I’m glad you are sharing it with our family…


Yudi’s spirit is what sold me – she had brilliant ideas and help me see things in a new perspective. She smiles a lot and loves what she does – her whole heart is in her projects. And lastly she gets the job done with ease and grace.



If you’re a super busy mom and not really crafty then Crafted by Yudi is perfect for you. All anyone has to do is provide her with a color and theme and she will do it all….show up with the decorations, decorate before the party starts.


Our clinic had been in business for 7 years without a logo or website so we decided to hire Yudi for the job. After discussing our needs, Yudi’s creativity totally captured what we were looking for in a logo and our website was put together.

-Fruitville Urgent care